R&R Fire & Security Ltd believe that electronic security is of paramount importance.

This helps to ensure that your property, your possessions and the people inside are as safe as they possibly can be.

Being a NSI NACOSS Gold accredited company, we offer services in the following:

Operating throughout the UK, we offer design, installation and support of all types of CCTV systems, ranging from small domestic home systems to remotely monitored larger public sector systems.

We aim to provide advanced CCTV technology that is robust, easy-to-use and, above all, realistically priced. All of our CCTV systems offer increased recording and playback quality due to the latest digital technology. When combined with our state-of-the-art infra-red cameras, this can be achieved even during the night.

Our highly trained staff are involved in all aspects of the project from the initial design, all the way through to the NVR set up and user training.

Internet Protocol CCTV allows CCTV images to be transmitted over your existing computer or integrated network. The system uses IP addressable cameras and servers, avoiding the need for additional CCTV cabling.

Using a central management software, each camera can be accessed by a number of users anywhere, on any network, or through the internet in the usual way using a standard computer. The IP Camera Management software can manage bandwidth usage and the cameras can be segregated from the Data Network by Virtual LAN management.

We can offer a wide range of alarm systems to suit your budget, from Wired to Wireless from Audible to Monitored. All of which utilise the latest technology and are designed, installed & fully certified on completion to comply with the grading requirements of the latest European Installation Standards.

We understand that it is important to control & monitor who enters your property, where & when. Access control systems provide a range of technical solutions to a single problem: the need to allow ease of access to authorised individuals, whilst denying entry to unwanted guests.

Controlling who gains access through the front or back entrances is essential, however, this is only a small element of the full potential that access control systems offer. Sensitive areas can be given extra protection, as well as incorporating the essential need to protect staff from harm or attack.

Whether you need design consultation or advice on the effective access control solutions to an existing security problem, we will put our expertise at your disposal.

Utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology controllers and door locks can now be operated remotely without the need to install a power supply to each device.

Plug & play allows rapid deployment and easy management and maintenance going forward.


We are aware of the ever increasing rise in the crime rate and how when this relates to “Domestic or Commercial” Burglaries how devastating and stressful this can be.

From experience that the 1st line of defence is “Physical Security.” However, it’s better to combine this with a “Psychological Deterrent” to deter an attempt in the first place.

An “External Burglar Box” – from an Approved Installer that actually contains a sounder is ideal for this.

Our “Special Offer” is – Competitive, Reliable, Easy to Install, Wireless and Expandable – It also notifies you of – When and What – Activated plus gives you total control wherever you might be in the World.

If you are interested in a “Free No Obligation” survey then call – 07849 571956 or email albert.martin@rrfsltd.com.

Your Security is our Prime Priority.

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