“Floodgate” Roll-Out, M&S Estate  UK

As a Nominated SWC for M&S, we have been installing Fibre Networking Cable in preparation for Openreach’s installation works, which will provide extra resilience to the M&S Stores.

M&S Bullring Birmingham,  UK

As a Nominated SWC for M&S, this large project saw us complete the installation of 353no Cat6A Outlets, CCTV & Access Control Systems for the brand new Marks & Spencer Simply Foods Site in the unique Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

M&S Uckfield,  UK

As a Nominated SWC for M&S, this project saw us complete the installation of 132no Cat6A Outlets, CCTV & Access Control Systems for the brand new Marks & Spencer Simply Foods Site in Uckfield.

George Spicer School,  UK

Full Installation & Commissioning of a brand new Fire Alarm System  throughout the School and Outer Buildings. Systems included Advanced MX Pro 5 with Apollo Discovery Detection and EMS Wireless.

M&S Rochdale Foodhall, UK

Currently underway in providing a full service of installation, commissioning & testing for all data outlets, IP CCTV and Access Control within this brand new M&S store. This is wired in Cat5e Leviton.

M&S UK Estate

Appointed Principle Contractor, Data Designer and Electrical & Data Installation across a variety of stores within the UK upgrading the self-checkout till system to the new ‘Card Only’ design.

Global Sportswear Retail Brand – UK & Europe

As the Appointed RFID Shielding Contractor across the EMEA Estate, we carried out a £1 million+ contract with one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world. Currently with a scope exceeding 100 stores, we are providing an impressive installation of EMV Shielding materials to Back of House areas in a variety of countries. This solution provides the Client with up to 99% dB shielding protection from RFID signals.

UK Maintenance

Offering 24/7 fire safety maintenance across the full UK Estate of Nike, Converse & Lego stores

M&S Leeds, UK

After a new lift installation, we were asked to install additional Automatic Fire Detection to the lift shaft & lift motor room, alongside a I/O relay and a remote indicator.

Ugg Europe, UK

Providing RFID Shielding solutions to a phase of 7 stores in UK & Europe, using EMV Wallpaper and then overpainted in White to suit the rest of the stores’ aesthetics.

Nike Town London, UK

We assisted in the redevelopment of the Fourth Floor at one of the largest Sportswear stores in the UK. Here, we have provided floor to ceiling RFID Shielding protection with EMV Wallpaper, and to keep to the Clients’ aesthetics, we painted over the wallpaper in white. Other materials used include Dibond on the Doors and EMV Silver Film on the bespoke windows. An exceptional installation from R&R!

M&S The Mumbles, UK

A very tidy installation of Cat5e, Access Control & CCTV throughout the brand new Marks & Spencer Foodhall in Swansea

Lululemon Les Marais, France

A smart installation of EMV Wallpaper to prevent RFID leakage from the basement stockroom and ground floor sales floor. The Store are no longer receiving any leakage, resulting in a much smoother stock-take process.

Nike Paris La Defense, France

AP Installation to assist the store in achieving a stronger network connection.

Lululemon Oslo, Norway

A complex installation of Y-Shield PRO54 paint on a specialist corrugated ceiling. We then painted the ceiling back to Brilliant White to keep in line with the store’s brand.

Ugg Parndorf, Austria

Back of House RFID Shielding installation using EMV Wallpaper to provide up to 99% dB shielding protection from RFID signals.

M&S Hampstead, UK

Installation and commission of the additional fire alarm devices installed within the new coldrooms

Ugg Bicester, UK

Using Y-Shield PRO54 paint to provide 97% dB shielding protection from RFID signals in Front of House areas, still maintaining the high-end aesthetic look.